“Joi Hok!” is a bengali saying which translates to “Jai Ho!” In Hindi and “Let victory be yours !” in English.The sole purpose of naming our initiative with this spiritual phrase reflects the ongoing global struggle in the battle against TB that has continued for thousands of years .This highlights the importance of why everyone must be aware and take caution of the issues surrounding effective elimination from India – which is the leading country for having the most tuberculosis cases till date.

In line with the current DOTS programme rolled out in India, there are no current awareness campaigns that employ captivating techniques like art that draw attention to TB and other health issues, This campaign would appear as a useful adjunct to the current strategies for controlling the disease on a large scale.

Our objective

JoiHok uses educational workshops with elements of art and music to create an interactive and friendly atmosphere for children  to engage in.

We build social awareness on various aspects of Tuberculosis such as:

Cause and modes of transmission

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Treatment and prevention

Risk factors and Drug resistance

Stigma and misconceptions

Using different ways to communicate

We have introduced a different way of combining art and science to provide an interdisciplinary approach for better public engagement.

Putul Naach

Bengali Folk Art


spread knowledge.



“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

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